Ben Carter Location Manager


For the past 6 years I have been using Gavin and his team for all my projects whether they be films, commercials, music promos or events. They have never let me down which is no mean feet. They are always prompt, polite and effective. They understand the natural of a film shoot, the relationships between depts and the reason why we are on location – to get the shots that the Director wants. Movie Guard have consistently provided me, the Location Manager, with a team that makes my job easier and for that I am massively thankful.

Ben Carter

Location Manager


I have worked with Gavin Milligan since he started Movie Guard Security and each time he has always supplied professional and experienced film security personnel. The security team are usually the first person a member of the public comes into contact with and you need to be able to trust security personal to listen and deal with the public in a courteous and efficient way, his team does this each time. Right from the start of the day to the end security and location assistance personal are key to running a tight and professional location department and Movie Guard Security are part of my department right from day one.

Tom Howard

Location Manager

Great Expectations, Parade’s End, The Look of Love and How I Live Now.

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